Artist: Sublime
Album: Sublime
Song: Same In The End
From: Justin Bortnicker

**normal tuning**

Verse 1
down in mississippi where the sun beats down from the sky they give it up
but they never ask why daddy was a rollin' rollin' stone he rolled away
one day and he never came home 

F       C            A              D        C       Bb     
it aint hard to understand this aint hitler's master plan what it 
F             A
takes to be a man 
F     C             A                D           C
in my mind and in my brain i roll it over like a steamin' freight
Bb            F       A
train it aint hard to ascertain 

Verse 2
you only see what you want to beleive when you light up in the back with
those tricks up your sleeve that don't mean i
can't hang but the day that i die will be the day that i shut my mouth and
put down my guitar sunday morning hold church down at the bar get down on
my knees and start to pray pray my itchy rash will go away 

Chorus 2
F        C            A                 D          C     Bb
back up y'all it aint me kentucky fried chicken is all i see its a
          F                 A
hellified way to start your day 
F             C       A                 D       C          Bb
if i make you cry all night me and daddy gonna have a fist fight it aint
F                A
personal it aint me 

Verse 3
i only hear what you told me to be i'm a backwards-ass hillbilly i'm dick
butkiss you know i lie i get me an i'm a thief in the dark i'm a ragin
machine i'm i'm a triple rectified-ass s.o.b. rec-tite (tm) on my ass and
it makes me itch i can see for miles and miles and miles my broken heart
makes me smile 

Chorus 3
F     C          A          D          C           Bb
in my mind in my brain i go back and go completely insane 
        F                A
it aint personal it aint me 
F             C        A          D           C
if i make you cry i might be your daddy at the end
       Bb           F                A
of the night take a load from my big gun 

Verse 4
you only see what you want to believe when you
creep from the back you got tricks up my sleeve 24/7 the devil's best
friend makes no difference it's all the same in the end 


~~ mean slide

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