Artist: Sublime
Album: Sublime
Song: Paddle Out
From: Justin Bortnicker

**normal tuning**

Intro (Chords  D--F#m--C--Ab)

Verse (Chords  D--F#m--C--Ab)

i never thought that when i grew up i would be in a band and travel all
the best spots in the land i'm not here to brag or boast i'm here to tell
you 'bout the spots that i love the most



Verse 2 (Chords  D--F#m--C--Ab)

natural bridges on a clean west swell breaks over the reef like a bat out
of hell stockton ave gets hollow and mean and on a big day it words like
a machine  outside stockton gets hot like a glove swift st john st into
mitchell's cove  big steamer land makes you wish you were a trout when its
mackin' so hard only two dudes paddle out


Verse 3  (Chords  D--F#m--C--Ab)

a huge summertime south swell hit when i'm in my hometown in a surfside
bowl is where i can be found or up and down the coast checkin' the spots
that i love the most.


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