Artist: Sublime
Album: Robbin' the Hood
Song: Mary
From: Justin Bortnicker
**normal tuning**

Verse 1
C         G
Maybe one breath away
C             G
I'll find the words to say
C            G
I'll sit and light the bong
C            G
I'll hold my hit in real long
C           Am       C        Am               F
I don't know if I can go up inside of you tonite
              D            A7sus4   C
Oh Mary baby, please don't fuss and fight

Verse 2
C            G
You've heard the line before
C                G  
Mary, baby, please don't think I'm a whore
C           G
If you come home with me 
C                                              G
Turn off the lights lock up the door and start gettin' busy
C            A,       C            Am
I don't know if I can go so far up inside you tonite
F           D       A7sus4  C
Mary, baby, I could do it   right

C           G
When we got to her pad
C                   G
Mary, baby, started callin' me her dad
C      G
As she gave me head 
C            G
We could not find the damn bed

C            Am
Fifteen years old plus one
C             Am             F
Hotter than a microwave oven
            D      A7sus4   C
Mary, baby, daddy is comin' home


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