Artist: Sublime
Album: 40oz. to freedom
Song: chica me tipo
From: Justin Bortnicker

**normal tuning**

Intro(Slight variation)

    Em           C      Bm

Verse 1
Em  C      Bm     Em
No importa que seriada,
       C    Bm       Em 
Porque todo se quitara,
     C      Bm 
Ay no puedo ver lo 
Ni en pintura 

Chorus 1
A                G#m
Cuando empezemos, No lo dia cuento,
C#m           E 
De que luego, Tuviera que
       C     G
pagar, Pero, tuviste tambien 
D         F            C        D
Me muero acostarme con ti...Con ti

Verse 2
Em    C        Bm     Em
No me propongo deriacad,
C       Bm    Em 
Vive en vejar vivir,
       C   Bm       (N.C.)
Pero el amigo tienes un condon en el bolsio
Chorus 2
A                 G#m
Yo no soy medico, No soy chapusero,
C#m                  E 
Solamente soy pobre, Y ya estoy tan solo
C                  G 
Pero si se cambia, Ella seria mia,
D        F          C              D 
Para ser poseido en propeidad,  En propeidad



C                          G
I've got to get around for you
whoa what can i do
           F                C                  D
out later? I would lay down anytime with her...with her


Verse 1
"It doesnt matter what happens
Because everything will go away
I cant see you not even in paintings"

Chorus 1
"When we started I didnt notice that after 
You would have to pay but, you
did it anyways I die to
lay down with you..with you"

Verse 2
"I dont plan to dedicate. Live and let live But the
friend has a condom in his pocket"

Chorus 2
im not a doctor im not a joker
I'm just poor And now im so alone 
But if i change She would be mine"
To be possesed in property...In property"

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