Sublime Album Lyrics

  1. Garden Grove
  2. What I Got
  3. Wrong Way
  4. Same In The End
  5. April 29, 1992
  6. Santeria
  7. Seed
  8. Jailhouse
  9. Pawn Shop
  10. Paddle Out
  11. The Ballad Of Johnny Butt
  12. Burritos
  13. Under My Voodoo
  14. Get Ready
  15. Caress Me Down
  16. What I Got (reprise)
  17. Doin' Time

Garden Grove

We took this trip to Garden Grove
It smelled like Lou-dog inside the van, oh yeah
This ain't no funky reggae party, $5 at the door
It gets so real sometimes, who wrote my rhyme
I got the microwave, got the VCR
I got the deuce-deuce in the trunk of my car, oh yeah

If you only knew all the love that I found
It's hard to keep my soul on the ground
You're a fool, don't fuck around with my dog
All that I can see I steal, I fill up my garage

Cause in my mind
Music from Jamaica, all the love that I found
Pull over there's a reason why my soul's unsound

It's you
It's that shit stuck under my shoe
It's that smell inside the van
It's my bed sheet covered with sand
Sitting through a shitty band
Getting dog shit on my hands
Getting hassled by the man

Waking up to an alarm
Sticking needles in your arm
Picking up trash on a freeway
Feeling depressed everyday
Leaving without making a sound
Picking my dog at the pound
Living in a tweaker pad
Getting yelled at by my dad

Saying I'm happy when I'm not
Finding roaches in the pot
All these things I do
They're waiting for you.

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What I Got

Early in the morning, risin' to the street
Light me up that cigarette and I strap shoes on my feet
Got to find a reason, a reason things went wrong
Got to find a reason why my money's all gone

I got a dalmation, and I can still get high
I can play the guitar like a mother fucking riot
Life is (too short), so love the one you got
Cause you might get runover or you might get shot

Never start no static
I just get it off my chest
Never had to battle with no bulletproof vest
Take a small example, take a tip from me
Take all of your money, give it all to charity
Love is what I got
It's within my reach

And the Sublime style's still straight from Long Beach
It all comes back to you, you'll finally get what you deserve
Try and test that you're bound to get served
Love's what I got
Don't start a riot
You'll feel it when the dance gets hot


(That's) why I don't cry when my dog runs away
I don't get angry at the bills I have to pay
I don't get angry when my Mom smokes pot
Hits the bottle and goes right to the rock
Fuckin' and fightin', it's all the same
Livin' with Louie dog's the only way to stay sane
Let the lovin', let the lovin' come back to me

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Wrong Way

Annie's 12 years old, in two more she'll be a whore
Nobody ever told her it's the wrong way
Don't be afraid with the quickness you'll get laid
For your family get paid
It's the wrong way
I gave her all that I had to give
I'm gonna make it hard to live
(Big) salty tears running down to her chin
And it ruins up her make-up
I never wanted
A cigarette pressed between her lips
But I'm staring at her tits
It's the wrong way
Strong if I can, but I am only a man
So I take her to the can
It's the wrong way
The only family that she's ever had
Is her seven horny brothers and a drunk-ass dad
He needed money so he put her on the street
Everything was going fine until the day she met me
Happy are you sad, wanna shoot your dad
I'll do anything I can
It's the wrong way
We talk all night, try to make it right
Believe me shit was tight
It was the wrong way
So run away if you wanna stay
Cause I ain't here to make ya, oh no
It's up to you what you really wanna do
Spend some time in America
Dub style!
She'll give you all that she got to give
But I'm gonna make it hard to live
Big salty tears rollin' down to her chin
And it smears up her make-up
I never wanted
So we ran away
And I'm sorry when I say, that straight to this very day
It was the wrong way
She took a hike it don't matter if I like it or not
Because she only wants the wrong way
I gave her all that I had to give
But she still wouldn't take it, oh no
Her two brown eyes are leaking like a sieve
But it still ruins her make-up
I never wanted

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Same In The End

Down in Mississippi where the sun beats down from the sky
They give it up and they give it up and they give it up
But they never ask why
Daddy was a rollin' rollin' stone
He rolled away one day and he never came home
It ain't hard to understand
This ain't Hitler's master plan
What it takes to be a man
In my mind, in my brain
I roll it over like a steamin' freight train
It ain't hard to ascertain
You only see what you want to believe
When you light up in the back with those tricks up your sleeve
That don't mean I can't hang
But the day that I die
Will be the day that I shut my mouth and put down my guitar
Sunday morning hold church down at the bar
Get down on your knees and start to pray
Pray my itchy rash will go away
Back up y'all it ain't me
Kentucky Fried Chicken is all I see
It's a hellified way to start your day
If I make you cry all night
Me and daddy gonna have a fist fight
It ain't personal, it ain't me
I only hear what you told me to be
I'm a backward-ass hillbilly
I'm Dick Butkiss
You know I lie
I get mean, I'm a thief in the dark
I'm a ragin' machine
I'm a triple rectified ass son of a bitch
Rec-tite(tm) on my ass and it makes me itch
I can see for miles and miles and miles
My broken heart makes me smile
In my mind, in my brain
I go back and go completely insane
It ain't personal, it ain't me
If I make you cry I might
Be your daddy at the end of the night
Take a load from my big gun
You only see what you want to believe
When you creep from the back
I got tricks up my sleeve
24/7 the devil's best friend
It makes no difference
It's all the same in the end

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April 29, 1992

[I don't know if you can, but can you get an order for Ons, that's O-N-S, Junior Market, the address is 1934 East Anaheim, all the windows are busted out, and it's like a free-for-all in here and uh the owner should at least come down here and see if he can secure his business, if he wants to...]

April 26th, 1992
There was a riot on the streets
Tell me where were you?
You were sittin' home watchin' your TV
While I was participating in some anarchy
First spot we hit it was my liquor store
I finally got all that alcohol I can't afford
With red lights flashin', time to retire
And then we turned that liquor store into a structure fire
Next stop we hit, it was the music shop,
It only took one brick to make that window drop
Finally we got our own P.A.
Where do you think I got this guitar that you're hearing today?
(Homicide, never doin' no time)
When we returned to the pad to unload everything
It dawned on me that I need new home furnishings
So once again we filled the van until it was full
Since that day my livin' room's been much more comfortable
Cause everybody in the hood has had it up to here
It's getting harder and harder and harder each and every year
Some kids went in a store with their mother
I saw her when she came out she was gettin' some Pampers
They said it was for the black man
They said it was for the mexican
And not for the white man
But if you look at the streets, it wasn't about Rodney King
It's this fucked-up situation and these fucked-up police
It's about comin' up and stayin' on top
And screamin' 187 on a mother fuckin' cop
It's not in the paper, it's on the wall
National guard
Smoke from all around

[Units be advised of an attempt 211 to arrest now at 938 Temple, 9-3-8 Temple, many subjects with bats trying to get inside the CB's house...they're trying to kill him]

Let it burn
Wanna let it burn, wanna let it burn
Wanna wanna let it burn
(I feel insane)
Riots on the streets if Miami
Whoa, riots on the streets of Chicago
On the streets of Long Beach
In San Francisco
Riots on the streets of Kansas City
Tuskaloosa, Alabama
Cleveland, Ohio
Fountainberry, Paramount, Vista Buelle
Eugene, Oregon
Eureka, California
Santa Barbara
mother fuckin' Nevada
San Diego
Lakewood, Florida
fuckin' 29 Palms

[Need a unit to... structure fire and numerous subjects looting] [10-15 to get rid of this looter]

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I don't practice Santeria
I ain't got no crystal ball
Well I had a million dollars but I, I'd spend it all
If I could find that heina and that sancho that she'd found
Well I'd pop a cap in sancho and I'd slap her down
What I really wanna know (my baby)
What I really wanna say, I can't define
Well it's love that I neeeeeed
My soul will have to wait till I get back
Find a heina of my own
Daddy's gonna love one and all
I feel the break, feel the break, feel the break
And I gotta live it out
Oh yeah un-huh
Well I swear that I, what I really wanna know (my baby)
What I really wanna say, I can't define
Got love! Make it go
My soul will have to...
What I really wanna say (my baby)
What I really wanna say, is I've got mine
And I'll make it
Yes, I'm going up
Tell sanchito that if he knows what is good for him
He best go run and hide
Daddy's got a new .45
And I won't think twice
To stick that barrel straight down sancho's throat
Believe me when I say that I got something for his punk-ass
What I really wanna know (my baby)
What I really wanna say, is there's just one way back
And I'll make it
My soul will have to wait

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Janie always said I was a mess
Sorry bout that mess
I made her bleed
I'm planting my seed
Still I knew it could take it if I opened up the rhythm
I knew it could make it
I hope her parents love her
So feelin the acid on the brain
Still I got that frame I made
Her bleed yeah she wants that lovin you see
Well if you live you wanna give or get old
And if you never knew that we get old you live it up
You get old believe me when I say
It's the same shit everyday
But I got to know my place
And if you don't it smacks you in your face
I know I know her parents love her
So billyed back in 1983 what did you do for me
I made her bleed
I'm planting my seed
I knew we could make it
I only knew that the bitch would break it I hope her parents love her
So my God look at me
If he had to go I know
I know I'm barely lovin' my holy creed
You never knew that was what you need
Oh my god honestly believe it or not its a disease.

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Jailhouse gets empty
Rudy gets plenty
Baton stick gets shorter
Rudy gets taller
Can't fight against the youth
Cause we're strong
Them are rude rude people Can't fight against the resistance

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Pawn Shop

Down there at the pawn shop
It's a nifty place to shop
What has been sold is not strictly made of stone
Please remember its flesh and bone

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Paddle Out

I never thought that when I grew up I would be in a band
And travel all the best spots in the land
I'm not here to brag or boast
I'm here to tell you about the spots I love the most
Natural bridges on a clean west swell
Breaks over the reef like a bat out of hell
Stockton ave gets hollow and mean
And on a big day it works i

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The Ballad of Johnny Butt

we've got a brand new dance it's called we've got to overcome

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I don't wanna go and party
I don't wanna shoot the pier
I don't wanna take the doggie out for a walk
I don't wanna look at naked chicks and drink beer
I don't wanna do a bong load and go and wrench on the car
I don't wanna go and hose the dogshit down
Cause i aint even gonna get out of bed
Keep on skankin' ronnie skank the night away
But the time has come for us all to pay
I don't wanna watch no porno
I don't wanna play guitar
I don't wanna spank the monkey
I don't wanna go down to the corner bar
Aint even got to listen to all the stupid shit you got to say
I don't wanna do a god damn thing
I aint gonna make my bed today
I don't wanna eat burritos or read about o.j.
Aint gonna get a head rush cause i aint gettin out of bed today

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Under My Voodoo

It's under my voodoo

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Get Ready

Some folks say smoking herb is a crime,
if they catch you smokin they're bound to drop the dime
Insufferable informa crazy fools wait
with their fingers crossed for you to break the rules
And in the evening when we try to jam,
we like the music loud in this here band
We let the bass line drop as loud as we can stand
Somebody always gotta turn informa for the man
I want to know right now is there one of you in the crowd are you gonna
call 911
and spoil all of my fun
You crazy fool i'm in the mood
Get ready come on now, load up the bong, crank up the song,
let the informa call 911
And when security police force want to arrive
Don't try to run, don't try to hide
just pull out the .9 pop in the clip
and let one slip into these crazy fools

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Caress Me Down

mucho gusto me llamo bradley i'm hornier than ron jeremy
and if you wanna get popped in your knee
just wipe that look off your bati face
you hate me cause i got what you need a pretty little daughter that we call mixie
if you wanna get beat physically
it will be over in a minute
so she told me to come over and i took that trip
and then she took out my mushroom tip
and when it came out it went drip drip drip
i didn't even know she had the g.i. joe kung fu grip
and it went uuh and the girl caress me down
uhh that's the lovin' sound
when i kiss mixie it makes me feel horny
cause i'm the type of lover with the sensitivity
when she kiss my neck and tickle my fancy
she give me the right kind of love on sunday morning

En el otro lado es donde viví (On the other side is where I used to live)
con mijita que se llama Mixie (with my girlfriend named Mixie)
y su hermana si me quiere (and her sister, if she wants me)
y ahorita tenemos un bebé (and now we have a babe)

sus padres sus padres me trataron matar (her parents, her parents tried to kill me)
but they did not get too far (but they did not get too far)
un poco después tuve que regresar (a little later I had to come back)
con un chingo de dinero cuz you know I'm a star (with a fuckload of money cuz you know I'm a star)

yo fui a Costa Rica para comar (I went to Costa Rica to eat)
estuve a practicaba con la raza cuz they know who we are (I was to practice with the race cuz they know who we are)
sí no le dió cuenta and I bet you never will (yeah you didn't tell the story and I bet you never will)
you must be a muñeca if you're still standing still (you must be a fucker if you're still standing still)

Me gusta mi reggae (I like my reggae)
Me gusta punk rock (I like punk rock)
pero la cosa que me gusta más es panochinta (but the thing I like most is pussy)
En el agua en el aire if you know who you are (in the water in the air if you know who you are)
Con el agua en el aire empieza a gritar (with the water, in the air begin to yell)
no tenga miedo, I'm your papi (don't be afraid, I'm your papi) take your chones y los manden a mí (take your underwear and send them to me)

levanta, levanta, tienes que gritar (get up, get up, you have to shout)
levanta, levanta, tienes que bailar (get up, get up, you have to dance)


and the girls carressed me down
and that's the lovin'sound

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What I Got (Reprise)

(same as original)

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Doin' Time

summertime and the livin's easy
and bradley's on the microphone w/ ras m.g.
all the people in the dance will agree
that we are well qualified to represent the lb g
me and louie run to the party
dance to the rhythm it gets harder me and my girl got this relationship
i love her so bad but she treats me like...
on lock down like a penitentiary she
spreads her lovin' all over and then there's none left for me
(chorus) oh take this veil from off my eyes
a burning sun will one day rise
so what am i gonna be doin' for a wife
i guess i'll have to play it myself show them how we come off the shelf
(chorus) evil i've come to tell you that she's evil most definately
evil ornery scandalous and evil the
tension is getting hotter i'd like to hold her head underwater

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