Lyrics And Track Lists

There are lyrics for the main albums,the rest are just track lists and CD covers.
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Sublime CD's

40 Oz. To Freedom Robbin The Hood Self Titled Album
Second Hand Smoke Stand By Your Van Bradley Nowell And Friends - Sublime Acoustic

Sublime Bootlegs

Sinsemilla 86-96 Bumslie - The Psycho Semantic Police It Seems So Silly In The Long Run
Dog Gone Blues Firecracker Lounge Memories
KUCI Ska Parade Shootin Up In Beantown Pure Anus

Sublime EPs

Badfish What I Got Living In A Boring Nation Doin Time

Sublime Promos, Single, and Misc.

1997 Badfish Promo
Badfish Radio Promo
Ebin Promo
Santeria Promo
Doin Time
Wrong Way Promo
What I Got Single (Australia)
What I Got Single (U.K.)
Sublime Advanced Copy
KROQ Weenie Roast

Chiva Kenevil (rare)

Jah Won't Pay The Bills
Jah Won't Pay the Bills (rare cassette)

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