Web In Front - March 9, 1998

Review of "Second -Hand Smoke"

Sublime wrote the book on '90s Bands Who Play Ska And DON'T Suck. Of course, there have been many bands before and many bands since that have adopted this Jamaican genre as their own and sucked beyond belief, but Sublime - although as defunct as hairspray - still rock out like no other. The secret lies deep within the band's compassion and freedom of exploration; there are several styles from hip hop to jazz to rap to rock to ska and el supremo vocal samples that makes a Sublime album so Special! In fact, I happen to think Sublime is the mirror image of the Beastie Boys; an antithesis, if you will, which chose the 'ya mon' road instead of the rap road and ended up at a location somewhere near Inspirationville. The true test of Sublime's impact on this form of music has only been recognized since the well documented death of its lead vocalist. Compiled by Michael "Miguel" Happoldt, this album is another testament - in a long line - to Sublime's place in music history. The only other band likely to stand anywhere near these guys is The Mighty Mighty Bosstones And that's only just!!!

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