AMZ - Access to Music Zine- January 1, 1999

Review of "Stand By Your Van"

I hope that the MCA people find a way to release "Sublime" material forever. I miss Bradley more than anything and his death was most tragic. This live recording, "Stand By Your Van," is the closest I will ever get to experiencing "Sublime" live. That sucks for me, but it also makes me think of how may other young ska/punksters will also never get to experience the true brilliance of this band.

"Stand By Your Van" is packed with tons of great live versions of sublime material that span the band's career. "Don't Push," Let's Go Get Stoned," "Date Rape," "D.J's," "Pool Shark," "Caress Me Down," "KRS-One" and many more. The production quality is amazing. Bass, Drums, Vocals, and Guitars are all crystal clear, yet there is the raw feel of a small club concert on this disc.

This is a must own for any "Sublime" fan. Go buy this one, and while your out there, pick up the Acoustic "Bradley Nowell" record too. Let the "Sublime" legacy live. My only question is when do I get to hear the damn "Long Beach Dub All-Star" record?!?!?!?!?!

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