A Letter from Bradley
By Mawg of the Toyes
The Toyes are the original authors of "Smoke Two Joints".

Letter From Bradley

When Bradley Nowell of Sublime killed himself with chemicals he was on the verge of realizing his lifelong dream of worldwide recognition of his music and his talent. He had a new bride, a beautiful baby boy, a great band and huge financial rewards ahead. As with all who die young, Brad Nowell left far too little of himself behind. That's why we're sharing with you the following letter I (Mawg) got from Brad. It is handwritten on both sides of two sheets of ruled white paper torn from a spiral notebook. The spelling, etc. are exactly as Brad wrote:

Sept 12 1995 Dear Chris - Thanx for your letter of Aug 30. It's been over a decade since I first heard your song "Smok 2 Joints" on K-ROQ in L.A. I dug the tune but then they stoped playin' it so I've only heard it once or twice since then. We jammed the tune when Sublime hooked up in 88. I had to fake it cuz I barely remembered how it went. Thats why we never played it live, we still don't. In the studio, however, we fucked w/ it and dropped some turntables on there & just generally faked it! I've heard the original since then and I was trippin' cuz the drums are all roots (one drop) style & ours is "strait forward" with the emphasis on the snair drum! I think ours might be a tad faster too. Whatever. It's a trip, our "Smoke 2" version was the first Sublime recording I ever heard on the radio. It was on a Sunday afternoon reggae program on KPFK (college station). I thought we were the shit after that, full rock stars! I think the guy played it a couple of times; then I never heard Sublime on the radio untill Date Rape five years later. Anyways, thanx for being cool about the tune, use any Sublime songs you guys want to, no worries!! By the way, when KROQ first put "Smoke 2" in rotation, they always said: "That was the Toyes from Hawaii". What's up w/that? Thanx for writing and clearing up the confusion about the song. I was wondering if you and your brother still play live or if you are in other bands and if you still jam "reggae". Mabey we could rock out together next time we are up in Oregan (which will be the middle of next month - October). I'm looking forward to sharing some of that super Oregan green w/y'all. Sorry this letter got so long, I'm stoned to the bone at the moment. The main thing I wanted to say was thanx for being cool too about the "were only gonna die" (I always thought it was called "EARLY MAN"!) cover we did on 40 oz. Everybody else that we covered, or in some instances sampled, demanded mass cash or, as w/"RAW HIDE", said we strait up can't use their shit and must take it off the album or else face some funky law suit. I get the feeling that most of this publishing shit is handled by some fucker in a suit and air conditioned office. I doubt the musicians ever even know what's up. Kinda makes ya wanna just go burn the fern, eh vern? Got any? Musicians gotta stick togeather and stick it to the corporate pig useless shitbag fucks who can all suck my ass. Sorry, just has to get that off my chest! Anywho, I hope to hook up in the future; if you feel like it call me/leave message at 310 *** ****/310 *** **** or fax me at 310 *** ****. Peace (heart drawing) Bradley singer/songwriter/guitarist "Sublime" (address)

This is Mawg again. Brad & I never did get to meet or jam together. Brad's music speaks for itself, as does his death. My only comment; If you truly feel the need to medicate yourself, please put down the chemicals & stick to the herb.

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