KUCI Ska Parade Announcement

If you are in the Orange County area,The Ska Parade is on the air every Saturday from noon to 2pm (Pacific) on 88.9fm KUCI, Irvine, CA

EVERY WEEK BANDS PERFORM LIVE ON THE SKA PARADE!!!! So, please check out THE SKA PARADE - UpCOMING CONCERTS found in newsgroups under alt.music.ska It'll tell you, who is coming up live on the radio show, as well as the many concerts throughout Southern California, and sometimes beyond. And sometimes if I am giving out tickets to the shows in Southern CA!

***First of the bat -- I want to dedicate this episode of The Ska Parade to our friend Bradley Nowell (28), the lead singer and guitarist of Sublime, who passed away from a Heroin overdose in San Francisco on Saturday, May 25, 1996. Brad's music with Sublime will always live forever.

THE SKA PARADE RADIO SHOW Show #297; Saturday, June 1st, 1996 noon to 2pm Pacific A tribute to Bradley Nowell and SUBLIME; and for the last time ever -- THE SCHOLARS acoustically

  • 01. Sublime - "Trenchtown Rock"/Skunk-Gasoline Alley-MCA *world debut from their forthcoming record entitled "Sublime"
  • 02. Let's Go Bowling - "Badminton On A Rope"/A to Y Productions

Tribute to the late Bradley Nowell and SUBLIME! Long Beach's SUBLIME live and direct!!! (from SP199B on 3/5/94)

  • 03. Sublime - "Greatest Hits"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 04. Sublime - "Don't Push"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 05. Sublime - "Right Back"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 06. Sublime - "New Thrash"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 07. Sublime - "Secret Tweeker Pad"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 08. Sublime - "Pool Shark"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 09. Sublime - "Saw Red"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 10. Sublime - "All You Need"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 11. Sublime - "We're Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance"/live on Ska Parade
  • 12. Sublime - "Date Rape"/live on The Ska Parade - A to Y Productions
  • 13. Sublime - "Bad Fish"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 14. Sublime - "Let's Go Get Stoned"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 15. Sublime - "D.J.'s"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 16. Sublime - "Ruca"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 17. Sublime - "In This House Of Suffering"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 18. Sublime - "40oz To Freedom"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 19. One Eye Open - "The Ska Parade Metal Theme"/A to Y Productions
  • 20. Let's Go Bowling - "Badminton On A Rope"/A to Y Productions
  • 21. Sublime - "STP"/live on The Ska Parade
  • 22. Sublime - "Dub Medley"/live on The Ska Parade - A to Y Productions
  • 23. Sublime - "Wrong Way"/Skunk-Gasoline Alley-MCA

Seal Beach's THE SCHOLARS live and acoustic!!!

  • 24. The Scholars - "Answering Machine"/live
  • 25. The Scholars - "I'm Done"/live
  • 26. The Scholars - "Girl's Best Friend"/live
  • 27. The Scholars - "Everything"/live
  • 28. Winnie The Pooh Singers - "Birthday, Birthday"/Walt Disney Productions

**Happy Birthday to Albino Brown, Intern Brandon's Mom, and Scott from Reel Big Fish; also happy graduation to Adrian formerly of Save Ferris!

  • 29. The Scholars - "Superdollar"/live
  • 30. The Scholars - "We'll Never Die"/live *a dedication to all those bands that are no longer with us....
  • 31. The Scholars - "I Want My Girlfriend Back"/live
  • 32. The Scholars - "I Love Guys In Bands"/live
  • 33. The Scholars - "I'm In A Band (Why Don't I Get Chicks?)"/live
  • 34. The Scholars - "David Gonzales"/live
  • 35. The Scholars - "W.T."/live

Ska Concert Board --

  • 36. Let's Go Bowling - "Badminton On A Rope"/A to Y Productions *great underbed music
  • 37. No Doubt with Bradley Nowell - "Total Hate"/Beacon Street Records End of Show

You want to find out more about THE SCHOLARS write to P.O. Box 801, Seal Beach, CA 90740. Want THE SCHOLARS music -- they have a cassette entitled "I'm In A Band..."

If you would like to send a card to Bradley's family and SUBLIME, please send to: Troy Nowell and family, 275 Redondo Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90803

SUBLIME's music will live on forever....

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