Ticketmaster - December 4, 1996

A Chat With Bud

Sublime Says: Hey people, how's it going!

From jabarnes@kc.cc.il.us: Is there any plans for a tour in 1997?
Sublime Says: We haven't had any tour plans, we have a couple of show dates that we're setting up for Bum Lies and the Juice Bros, our two other bands.

From dnewel@mail.caps.maine.edu: Do you say I have a donation or I have a dalmation in what I got?
Sublime Says: We say dalmation; the dalmation was Brad's, it's now mine and Eric and Mike and Jakob's.

From shellie@erols.com: When are you coming to Maryland on tour?
Sublime Says: Sublime is no longer touring, and as far as Bum Lies and the Juice Bros, it's unknown as of yet, but we are doing shows on a one-off basis... Hopefully we will be back out on tour soon; Eric and I have both discussed it and we are ready, but the band isn't quite ready yet... Hopefully by spring '97.

Sublime Says: Are you the law? Some stories are true, not to say that we are the actual characters in the plot, but yes, they are all taken from true-life stories. Thanks for listening!

Sublime Says: As far as Sublime goes, we have no more plans for a new album. We've been discussing terms with the record company for release of live material as well as basement and vault tapes. The Juice Bros have a 5-song, 12-inch available from Skunk records, and Bum Lies is in the midst of recording right now.

From pearlama@hotmail.com: How many cd's have you had before this new one. It seems like you guys have been around for awhile.
Sublime Says: We have been around for a while; the band first got together in '87-'88. We have 2 full-length CDs before the self-titled CD; 40 Ounces to Freedom was the first one, Robbin the Hood followed that... There's also a couple of singles, 5 song EP's that are available-- Bad Fish, a 12-inch All You Need, and I've heard that there are some bootlegs out there too...

From pearlama@hotmail.com: Is it "lovin is what we got" or "love is what we got"?
Sublime Says: Love is what we got...

From 478132@Xavier.xu.edu: I heard you guys are working with a new group, should we expect the same style from the Juice Bros. as that from Sublime?
Sublime Says: Juice Bros is a punk-rock band, Bum Lies is more of a reggae-dub-ska band.

From davis@dongnet.net: Why the name Sublime????
Sublime Says: My Grandpa once told me a joke, and he was talking about this bird, it's name is The Flu, I'm not sure exactly where the bird comes from, but in the town where the bird does come from, the people wear wide-brim hats, and the moral of the story goes "If the Flu -----, you wear it." Sublime came out of that...

From Tiffini Gorman : What do you think of bands like Bush and No Doubt? What do you think of Everclear?
Sublime Says: No Doubt are friends of ours, a fellow Orange County band. We share similar tastes in music, and hope to see them play at our benefit concert for drug awareness, "Enough Already". As far as Bush, thanks for the beer at the Weenie Roast, and for sharing your dressing room space with all our friends. Everclear, I like to drink that stuff...

From davis@dongnet.net: You guys are my favotite band in the whole world... I can't wait to see you in concert.
Sublime Says: Well all right! Look at me... Look at me... Look at me!

From Tiffini Gorman : What do you think of your sudden success? Do feel disenchanted at all by the sudden fame?
Sublime Says: No, because is wasn't really all that sudden. We'd been working at it for a while, getting the band together, and it was pretty much cut short before it was lived through...

From pearlama@hotmail.com: Where are all of you guys from? How old were you when you first started the band?
Sublime Says: We're from our mother's womb, and we started playing at a very young age.

From davis@dongnet.net: Who were your major musical influences as you were developing as musicians????
Sublime Says: Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Billy Martin, because he (used to) be able to drink like a sob... That's our favorit passtime, getting Billied...

From Nutmeg96@msn.com: Where are you now?
Sublime Says: I'm in Huntington Beach, at home, playing music.

From davis@dongnet.net: What is your favorite city to perform in????
Sublime Says: We have a bunch of favorites; Washington for one, Arcada CA, Long Beach, Hawaii, I think Crested Butte or Snow Mass, CO. We liked playing there, but they didn't like us playing there... Ha ha ha...

From Nutmeg96@msn.com: My favorite song on the album is jailhouse....whats it about?
Sublime Says: We think it's about a jailhouse, it gets empty, so the cops have to go fill it up, because they don't make money unless it's full.

From Im2gr8@AOL.com: You guys plan on making any more really gr8 songs?
Sublime Says: No, we'd like to write a bunch of lousy songs first, and see if we can sell a lot of junk... We've got a lot of good stuff coming your way soon.. On the Spice channel.... We also have our own monthy scratch-and-sniff-answer-questions-editorial space in Rage magazine from Flint publications...

From Heidi: In 40 oz to Freedom, why did you not include 2 tracks on the MCA version. I have the Skunk version that has the 2 tracks. Why leave it out?
Sublime Says: We wish we could still have those songs on the album. Two reasons-- we couldn't get sample clearance from Led Zeppelin, so we had to take them out. Bum Lies is planning on redoing the song by performing the actual music, rather than sampling it to get around the sample clause. There are some old 40 Oz albums released on Skunk that had songs that had to get cut out for those reasons.

For those of you looking for the winners, they will be posted at the end of the chat! Thanks for your patience!

From c.r.hardy@worldnet.att.net: Got Milk?
Sublime Says: Yeah, two jugs!

From Tiffini Gorman : How is Jacob doing?
Sublime Says: Jakob is growing, he's walking, he's talking... He just saw 101 Dalmations, and every time the poppa dog was shown on the screen, he kept saying "Louloulouloulou...." He's sharp as a tack...

From emilyrenolds@hotmail.com: In the what i got video , whats the deal with the black sneakers?
Sublime Says: Black sneakers are key, just like spice, just like cigars, just like good clean filth, just like wake and bake's; these things are key.

From jfaggian@tri.com: I have a limited edition Live CD from after Brad died. It's amazing. There's an answering machine message from Courtney Love on it. What the f**k is she talking about?
Sublime Says: You know, I have no idea. Lil Mike, the promoter, he promoted the show that was recorded, and the answering machine tape and the recording were probably stolen from his house and released. Lil Mike was one of the coolest promoters that we've encountered.

From Heidi: How was it to work with Wesley Willis? He is the greatest!
Sublime Says: Wesley's cools, but the Fiasco band rocks the llama's ass! That we the best part about Wesley was the Fiasco band; he never should have gotten rid of them. His drawlings are good, but he's nothing without the band...

From Girl@presys.com: I love 'Saw Red' with Gwen Stefani,would you ever want to work with No Doubt ever again?
Sublime Says: Sure! We're thinking about doing a cover tune of Foolish Fool, and the original song has a guy singing the song in such a high voice, and we thought that Gwen's voice would be perfect for it. We're working on the music, and once's that's done, we're going to have her come in and sing it for us.

From Tiffini Gorman : why is this cd self titled while your other two have names?
Sublime Says: The album was going to be titled "Killin' It" before Brad died, and we didn't think that that was apprpriate after his death. There was also a change in cover art as well. The previous cover art is now under the CD tray.

From Dusty@Sunbelt.net: How did you guys meet each other?
Sublime Says: At the Boy's Club. Actually, we were in YMCA Indian Guides together... or was it cub scouts... How about it was just a long time ago in the neighborhood....

From c.r.hardy@worldnet.att.net: Whats the dogs name on your "what i got video?"
Sublime Says: Lou!

From Tiffini Gorman : i really like your song "bad fish" off of the MOM benefit cd . how did you get hooked up with this benefit??
Sublime Says: We've been firm believers and followers of the Surfrider foundation. We all surf, we all snowboard, we all belive in keeping our oceans clean. The MOM album, we kinda got added last minute to it, but the song really fit, I think. It really portrayed our view of what's going on in the eco state.

From Aris@ccm.net: guys, have a great day!
Sublime Says: Yeah! 4:20, America!

From Dusty@Sunbelt.net: Whose butt is showing in the video??
Sublime Says: Usually it's Mike's butt crack. I don't know if it made it on every cut, but my cousin does a bend over...

From Heidi: I Have been a big fan since 1993 and I was wondering why you chose to do some reggae covers on 40 oz to Freedom.....like 5446
Sublime Says: Well, lemme tell you this: it's all about what the song was about, being in jail, being locked up. That's what happens, they call you by your number, not by your name. And it's got a good beat!

From rainmn@zebra.net: The flu story made no sense what so ever...How did Sublime come out of that?
Sublime Says: Sublime, look in the dictionary, see what it means! It's a pun!

From Freesiah1@aol.com: What songs can we expect to hear at the Wreck Room Friday?
Sublime Says: Punk rock, high energy, good stuff! Lots of good, clean filth.

From Dusty@Sunbelt.net: Hey can me and my friend be in one of your next videos????? PRETTY PLEASE!
Sublime Says: What's your bra size?

From smicah@hotmail.com: I LOVE YOUR BAND!!!!! Keep up the good work!
Sublime Says: Gee, thanks!

From pearlama@hotmail.com: What other bands have you met?
Sublime Says: We've met a lot, and played a lot of shows; Reverend Horton Heat, the Butthole Surfers (those guys are key...), we stole Bush's beer, we made Robby Zombie cringe once... Our favorites would be Mike Watt and George Hurly; those guys are excellent musicians. We played a show with Simon LeBon; he was wearing pink rubber pants, and Brad smacked him on the ass... L7 was a lot of fun touring with on the Warped tour.

From rainmn@zebra.net: Why the picture of you guys in construction uniforms? Any significance?
Sublime Says: Wellllll... Actually, the newspaper that Brad's holding has a clip that we really wanted; it had a picture of the Long Beach skyline.. The construction workers was because we're usually like the CalTrans day workers, working off our fines...

From Heidi@Penn.com: What do ya think of the Ziggens and are you still with Skunk?
Sublime Says: Yeah! Ziggens rock! Ziggens are my favorite band! Me (Bud) Eric and Mike are still with Skunk. We just sent the Ziggens to Hawaii to do a party for H30, who also work in conjunction with Surfrider Foundataion, etc etc etc.

From pearlama@hotmail.com: If you guys don't mind me asking....how old are you now?
Sublime Says: Almost thirytsomething. I'm 29, Eric's 27.

From rainmn@zebra.net: Are you a regular player of the internet or is this your first experience?
Sublime Says: I've talked on the net a few times, but I'm not a subscriber. Unfortunately, because of the carpal tunnel, I can't. I'm believe in 70-style box...

From 478132@Xavier.xu.edu: Eric, what type of bass do you play?
Sublime Says: He plays a handcrafted Dan MacDonald, and he also plays a standup bass, a pretty cheap one, and a standup electric. If he wasn't in Hawaii, surfing with the big Kahuna, he could probably tell you the type of strings and everything...

Here are the lucky winners of an autographed Sublime CD and T-shirt:
Andrea Glover, Portsmouth, NH
Kat Worden, Rochester NY
Nick Pello, Shaftsbury VT
Maureen Callahan, St. Paul, MN
Shyna Gill, Reeds Port, OR


And the grand prize winner of the autograped, collectable vinyl LP is:
Rick Hoffman from Sewell, NJ!
Congratualtions to all our winners!

From Freesiah1@aol.com: You guys were pretty brutle the last time I saw you play, are you still the same crazy guys, or have ya mellowed out a bit?
Sublime Says: We're as crazy as ever!

From Tiffini Gorman : my friends band-The Combustible 3-love you guys and often cover "what I got" at their local concert. do you feel flattered by people covering your work?
Sublime Says: Yeah, I dig it. I've seen No Doubt cover one of our songs, and I thought that was nice. We cover quite a few of our favorite band's songs, and we try to perform them as best that we can. I'd hope that they appreciate it as much as we do, and thank you for those that do.

From Freesiah1@aol.com: Your lyrics are awesome, did you guys write them all?
Sublime Says: Brad wrote all the Sublime lyrics except for the cover tunes.

From Girl@presys.com: Are you guys single,or are you married?
Sublime Says: Eric and I are both single with girlfriends...

Sublime Says: No, What I Got was decided as a single after Brad dies because of his love for music, the band, and the audience. There's so many songs that could be singles, maybe it's a weighed opionion... We're appropriating our singles on timing...

From Freesiah1@aol.com: How did you guys come up with that phone # in your song.....I've called it, and its real, was it to piss someone off? : )
Sublime Says: It used to be Brad's real number, and we changed it 3 or 4 times playing it live. I hope it pisses those people off :) Keep on calling!

From persephone@earthlink.net: If you guys could be any kind of ice cream, what kind would you be & why?
Sublime Says: I'd be the cold kind, because I like the way it freezes up the nuts!

Bud says: Stay tuned to Skunk records, you're bound to hear some more good stuff from Eric and I along the lines of Sublime. Thanks for your time and your ears and your eyes and your fingers! Adios, Amigos!

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