All Star Magazine - July 12, 1996

Sublime Make A Movie

The folks down at Sublime headquarters haven't only been busy arranging the "Enough Already" benefit concert for Jakob James Nowell, the son of Sublime singer Brad Nowell, who died of a heroin overdose in May. They've also been at work on a 12-minute documentary retrospective of the band's 10-year career, which will be used as the "opening act" for some undetermined bands or tours.

"It's a homemade documentary made by an old friend of the band, Josh Fischel," says Kevin Taylor, who works at Sublime's offices in Irvine, California. "It's various live stuff, mostly from the Warped Tour, and interviews just to disseminate the legacy of Sublime, since they can't tour anymore. It's going to play before some headliners, maybe No Doubt or the Sno-Core Tour that Sublime headlined last year."

The documentary also features the remaining band members (Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh), the unofficial fourth member Mike "Miguel" Happoldt, and the Ziggens, among others talking about Nowell and the band.

"It's going to be a long-form home video to maybe come out next year, for sale," adds Taylor. "It was more urgent just to get the short-form done because a lot of people were asking for it."

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