If you are a fan of Bradley, Sublime or just appreciate quality music, you will be stoked to hear this, Brad touched many people and its a shame that he is not here to realize his greater impact. Brad never seemed more alive than he did behind a mic and on those occasions when he,Bud, and Eric got in front of a crowd, some of us never felt more alive either.

Shortly after "Date Rape" blew up, Brad was to play an acoustic set, solo at the Cattlemen's Warf in Anaheim.Tom from No Doubt put on shows there at the bar upstairs called the Firecracker Lounge. The room was packed, lit by wire Christmas lights draped from the walls that reflected off the disco ball overhead. The stage was small and surrounded by a zbrall rail. As scheduled, Brad was late while the band March opened the evening. Tom and Gwen then did a short set before Brad appeared.

Armed witha beat up acoustic guitar and countless drink tickets, Brad took the stage. What followed was a evening of laughs and memories with a man who had the voice from Jaha da soul that was true. This recording tries to capture the evening where Brad displayed the most amazing raw talent in a setting that got so real sometimes, it blows my mind.

On this night, Brad played for hours. Hell, Brad was on stage for hours, telling stories, trying to remember songs, and ordering more drinks. The evening was classic Sublime and ended with Brad falling off his bar stool, crashing through the brass rail, lying flat on his back, and holding up his guitar in victory.

Firecracker Lounge-The Bradley Nowell Acoustic Site 1
Firecracker Lounge-The Bradley Nowell Acoustic Site 2

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